Monday, May 1, 2017

Blue Lives Shatter

This is what police in France have to put up with these days, under the socialiste government that has manacled them and berated them for the past five years.

Vivement le 7 mai !

At this attack, the police didn't even shoot back.   While they watched their comrade being turned into bacon, they responded with ... tear-gas (against a mob that was already well-protected against that).

The CGT (Communist unions) chortled over the incident, speaking of poulet grill√© (poulet, literally ‘chicken’, is slang for ‘cop’).
It recalls the scene in Vietnam, 1963, when Madame Nhu exulted over the stoic self-immolation of a Buddhist monk: "She clapped her hands in delight at the news.  She called it 'barbecue √† bonze".


Berlin as well  had its share of incendiary attacks on police.

Berlin, 1 May 2017

32 officers were injured in Berlin alone.,-32-Polizisten-bei-Demo-am-1-Mai-in-Berlin-verletzt-_arid,331144.html

For the background to such atrocities (cela ne date pas d'hier), consult:


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